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Bring your dream jewelry to life with AI

What if you could become a world renowned jewelry designer? Now you can. Design with ARQ, order your piece, wear it with pride.


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AI design

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Fine Jewelry

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1. Design

Creatively design custom jewelry using our ARQ jewelry AI engine.

2. Build

Submit your designs & watch while our team brings your jewelry design to life.

3. Receive

Receive your jewelry, show it off & express your style. Sign up below to get started!

Fashion Design, Democratized

an End to fashion Gatekeeping

Everyone is creative. But… we all don’t have years of time or money to learn fashion/jewelry design.

Awaken your Inner Designer

We wanted to use tech - to give everyone the ability to bring their own style & creativity to life.

The App

Start with style templates, or build your own.

Browse dozens of categories to find your perfect style.

Or, start from scratch - creating your own creative prompt.

Easily select your parameters.

Walk through simple & fun steps to design your piece.

Each step will affect your entirely unique design results.

Create multiple designs at a time.

After rendering, you'll receive multiple concepts to choose from.

Select your favorite, or create more renders from the prompt.

Choose your favorite! Receive estimation & manufacture.

Once you make your selection, submit it to receive a manufacturing price.

Once you approve your estimate, ARQ begins manufacturing & sends your piece directly to your door.

Wear what you want, not what you’re told.

We believe in a world where everyone on earth can realize their own creativity.

We believe art & design should be accessible to everyone - regardless of age, finance, skill, or location.

We believe in organic bottom up fashion VS top down (what you’re told too wear).

We believe in starting your own fashion trends, not just following the current ones.

Jewelry Creation Process


prepare casting model

Our team of world class jewelers create the 3D jewelry model of your piece.


3D Print mold

Your piece is 3D printed in wax then set in plaster. The wax is melted creating a negative mold.


Metal Casting

Molten gold, silver, platinum, or brass is poured into the mold. The piece is then freed from the plaster & polished.


Ship, show off, & enjoy

We ship your piece directly to your house, then... the fun begins.

Show off your unique piece designed by one of the world's best up-and-coming jewelry designers... You!

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AI designed. Human crafted.

From early in 2022, ARQ has been captivated by the innovative prospects of blending artificial intelligence & human creativity - to craft exceptional designs for luxury goods and jewelry. We believe that this technology can unlock new realms of possibility and creativity, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the luxury design world. Our founding team are all creatives who range in backgrounds in film, music production, writing, classic art. This technology excited us, because, like Mjölner, it amplifies our true passion & skills, without diminishing them.

But we also understand the importance of preserving real human touch in the creative process, & it is our mission to create more opportunity for real human artists, not less. We're committed to use AI in our process to create more jobs & opportunities for jewelers, artists, craftspeople, & more.

Upcoming Features

Gift your jewelry

Want to build someone their perfect gift? Or let them design their own? Birthdays, holidays, & romance just got a lot easier.

Publish to your own store

Don't just design your own pieces... sell them! After ordering, you can publish your designs to your shop, then spread your style.

Partner jewelry drops

ARQ is teaming up with some of the best indie jewelry designers & artistic partners for exclusive LE drops in-app.