We started our company with just one goal in mind - evolve jewelry into modernity

One of the best parts of using AI technology is its potential to disrupt the traditional gatekeeping systems in luxury and art.

With AI, people are no longer restricted by what giant international companies tell them to buy. They can now access & unleash their inner creativity, & share their art with the world without needing years of expensive art schools or the approval of industry gatekeepers. ARQ is at the forefront of this revolution, pushing forward the potential for creative democratization, greater diversity, & inclusivity - for people world wide.


Welcome to ARQ Help

Our team is excited to guide you through the ARQ creative experience, where your imagination becomes the blueprint for exquisite, personalized jewelry. Whether you're curious about the design process, seeking style advice, or have questions about our app, we're here to provide the support you need. Let's unlock your inner designer and explore the endless possibilities together.


F's, A's, & even Q's

What if there was a way to preserve the originality of serious designer jewelry, while letting it evolve and integrate with the virtual world around us? This is the bridge we set out to build.

What is the ARQ AI Jewelry app?

The ARQ AI Jewelry app is an innovative platform that allows users to design their own custom jewelry using artificial intelligence. It offers a unique experience where creativity and technology come together, enabling users to bring their jewelry ideas to life.

How does the ARQ AI Jewelry app work?

Users can sign up and log in to the app, select different jewelry styles, and customize their designs by selecting various preferences and details. The app provides a rendering of the jewelry, which users can share, download, or use to place a preorder.

Can I design any type of jewelry with the ARQ app?

Yes, the ARQ app allows you to design various types of jewelry. You can select from different styles, metals, and even include gems in your design. The app is designed to unleash your creativity and bring your dream jewelry to life.

Will the jewelry I design with the ARQ app be produced in real life?

Yes, you can preorder the jewelry you design, and it will be crafted and delivered to you. The app bridges the gap between virtual design and physical jewelry pieces.

Is there a subscription for the ARQ app?

Yes, there is a premium subscription model available, which offers exclusive features to subscribers like: ability to submit jewelry estimates, render up to 40 designs per day, and more!

How long does it take to manufacture the jewelry once I place an order?

Jewelry manufacturing is a detailed and meticulous process. Once you've designed your piece and placed an order through the ARQ AI Jewelry app, it can take up to 1 month to manufacture. This timeframe ensures that each piece meets our high-quality standards and allows for the custom nature of your design to be perfectly crafted.

How does the ARQ AI Jewelry app handle user confidentiality and data privacy?

User confidentiality and data privacy are of utmost importance to us. The ARQ AI Jewelry app is committed to protecting your personal information. We do not share or sell any user data to third parties. Your designs and personal details are securely stored and used only to enhance your experience with our app and services.

How often are jewelry designs dropped?

We add new AI styles every month! Let us know what kind of styles you'd like to see added on social media :)

I'm a Jeweler, Do you ever collaborate with external Jewelers or craftspeople?

Yes! Send us an email to show off your jewelry designs, and we will take it into consideration for our next round of designer onboarding.