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Stake your $ARQX, get up to 75% APY

ARQ is rewarding our community with the best rates. We want you to benefit even more from ARQ's innovative vision as we grow the AI jewelry movement together.


Token Generation Event

ARQx is LIVE! Links below.

Building for the future

What is staking? Staking involves holding $ARQX tokens in your cryptocurrency wallet to actively support the network.

As a contributor, you'll be rewarded, receiving guaranteed on-chain returns based on the duration of your stake.

value From conviction

If you know anything about ARQ, you know we're not just hype. We're disrupting an entire industry with AI & you deserve the maximum reward for your part.

Escalating your Rewards

Each level of our staking unlocks another % tier of value. Our biggest supporters deserve the most. The more $ARQX you hold the more $ARQX you earn back!

Staking Pools


First Come first Serve



30% APY

Full Maturity: 60 Days



First Come first Serve



60% APY

Full Maturity: 60 Days



200,000 ARQx Required



75% APY

Full Maturity: 60 Days

Join the mission
Massive existing market

No need to reinvent the wheel, ARQx is launching into a massive $350 billion dollar thousand year-old-industry.

First ever AI + RWB

Other than critter memes, nothing's hotter than AI & RWB. What if... & hear us out... we combined them together. 🤯

Popular with web2 & Web3

This cycle web3 must break out of its insular economy by creating mainstream appealing product. Lux AI jewelry does just that.

functioning biz

No "will it work" here. ARQx has already been selling to customers & creating AI-to-IRL jewelry conversions for over a year.

B2b verticals

We have already received multi requests for whitelabeling & brick-and-mortar installations. Massive additional rev. sources coming Q3.

Hedge against volitility

While other web3 projects depend on the fluctuations of BTC, rain or shine humans always buy jewelry & precious metals.