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Redefining luxury jewelry, with AI

What if anyone on earth could become a pro jewelry designer in seconds. Now they can with the ARQ Jewelry app + $ARQX token.


$ARQX turns AI jewelry designs into real-world wearable fine jewelry.

From this

AI design

to this

Fine Jewelry

Token Generation Event

ARQx is LIVE! Links below.



Orbofi AI

Gigantix Wallet




Spores Network




Mecha Chaotic



Pixel Realm




Worlwide Mass adoption

ARQx's AI-to-Real Life jewelry tech has incredible upside for changing how the entire world shops & designs its luxury.

AI + Real world Business

AI is set to disrupt 300M jobs by 2030 & the lux ind. is no exception. As web3's first ever AI + RWB token, ARQx is ready.

Tried & true business

No more metaverses plz! This cycle is all about bringing proven business models & customer bases into web3.

It's time to decentralize the $350B jewelry industry

The "Big-Jewelry" Monopoly

A handful of conglomerates have a stranglehold on global lux. As with DeFi, it's time to decentralize.

Custom jewelry too expensive

Who doesn't like custom designs? Unfortunately, traditional custom jewelry is unafforable for most.

Decentralized manufacturing

ARQx battles inflated prices by manufacturing jewelry locally, within a customer's region.

Allow anyone to become a designer

Using AI & a fun UX, ANYONE can now become a pro designer with ARQx at a fraction of the cost.

The ARQ design App

With ARQ AI App, the customer becomes the designer 🎨

Web3 consumer mass market application with mainstream web2 appeal. Existing industry, existing demand, proven model.

Incredible first-ever expeience combining AI with retail ecommerce experience. The future of how consumers shop.

Allows seamless web3 onboarding in seconds, with regular user interaction spurring massive $ARQX open-market demand.

Design dream jewelry, ARQ builds & ships direct to your door 🎁

Pick from dozens of templates, customize with infinite options, then receive unique jewelry designs in seconds.

ARQx decentralized manufacturing hubs enables world-wide users & shipping in weeks. Easy as: design, build, wear.

Ultra accessible, for ages 8 to 80. More fun & rewarding than shopping, as users personally connect with purchases.

From A-I to I-R-L

AI is coming to every industry, & the world of luxury is next. Check out some of our customer's AI to real transformations below.

$ARQX Token UTility

1. Gas for the jewelry design 💍

Just as with any AI based app, tokens or gas are essential for rendering & processing power.

Each piece of jewelry that is designed & rendered requires $ARQX to execute. As our user base scales, so does demand!

ARQ Jewelry App lets users pay for $ARQX with credit cards or USD, avoiding cumbersome MetaMask etc. onboarding.

2. 10% buyback and burn 🔥

While rendering utility is huge, the second buyback & burn utility further compounds demand as jewelry sales scale.

With prices ranging from $400 - $10k, each purchase scoops up big % chunks of $ARQX that would make any web3 project blush.

3. Utilities for days 💎

Other $ARQX utilities include...

Staking for discounts: Users can rank up their membership to receive great jewelry discounts long term.

Early drop access: Staking in-app also grants ability to purchase limited celeb, jeweler, artist drops before anyone else.

Start your own store: For those serious designers, they can stake to open their own mini store & sell to fans or friends.

Airdrop "cash-back": To encourage self-custody longterm we will be offering new web2 customers airdrop % on purchases.

Unmatched upside
Massive existing market

No need to reinvent the wheel, ARQx is launching into a massive $350 billion dollar thousand year-old-industry.

First ever AI + RWB

Other than critter memes, nothing's hotter than AI & RWB. What if... & hear us out... we combined them together. 🤯

Popular with web2 & Web3

This cycle web3 must break out of its insular economy by creating mainstream appealing product. Lux AI jewelry does just that.

functioning biz

No "will it work" here. ARQx has already been selling to customers & creating AI-to-IRL jewelry conversions for over a year.

B2b verticals

We have already received multi requests for whitelabeling & brick-and-mortar installations. Massive additional rev. sources coming Q3.

Hedge against volitility

While other web3 projects depend on the fluctuations of BTC, rain or shine humans always buy jewelry & precious metals.

New Web3, Artist, Celeb Drops monthly

ARQx is built from ground up for collaborative partnerships.

ARQ Drops section will feature new limited-edition jewelry, letting users design their own collab inspired pieces.

Web3 brands, NFT PfPs, celebrities, artists, music artists, jewelry fashion designers, & influencers are all prime collab candidates.

one more thing...

ARQx Smart Jewelry

"Wait... you can't put crypto & NFTs in Jewelry!"
Oh yes, we can! Our smart jewelry turns any piece of jewelry into a utilitiy filled web3 wallet.

Digital Assets inside lux jewelry

Our Gigantix wallet partnership lets select ARQx pieces carry: crypto, NFTs, utilities, & more.

The new way to onboard to web3

Instead of forcing friends into a self-custody seminar, now you can just buy them jewelry with ETH!

How Smart jewelry Works

1. Wear

Express yourself & show off your ring, pendant, or bracelet in style.

2. Tap

Just tap your piece to any phone, to unlock your web3 wallet or programmed link.

3. Utilize

Check your portfolio balance, stake for rewards, send/receive, use NFT, or HODL!

ARQx AI Roadmap

Q1&2 23

ARQx Founding

Hello world.

Prototype manufacturing

Proving AI-IRL workflow can work. Prototyping, perfecting, & selling AI designed jewelry at speed scale & profitability.

1st drop sold out

ARQ's first ever jewelry drop of AI designed BTC jewelry sells out in under an hour.

Q3&4 23

Mobile app dev kickoff

Founder & core team of devs get to work on building mobile app with a simple mission: to let anyone become a jewelry designer.

Seed Funds raised

Amazing community of early investors come on board to raise early funds for ARQx.

ARQX exits stealth

ARQx goes public, starts to build community, following, & signups for token + app.

Q1 24

Community growth

ARQx grows to 20k+ on X, 5k+ on telegram.

$300k PRivate round raised

ARQx fills its Private fundraising to max.

App completed

Dev & design finish mobile app & test it with dozens of alpha users.

1st round of influencer collabs

Over 300k views in under a month with first few mainstream fashion influencers, driving beta signups.

5k+ beta usrs signed up
Approved by apple

Apple approves V1 of ARQ Jewelry Design app for worldwide distribution.

ARQx sells out all major IDOs

Sold out on Enjinstarter, Kommunitas, Spores Network. Public funds secured.

Q2 24

May 7th, ARQx TGE

TGE on Uniswap, Pancakeswap, soon

App released on ios & Android
Mainstream ads & collabs ramp up
JEwelry starts shipping worldwide
ARQx buyback & burns begin
Arq Limited drops begin

Q3&4 24

Launch affiliate referrals
user jewelry stores
Smart jewelry line expands
expand arqx global manufacturing
Expand ARQX token economy
Launch whitelabeled ARQ app
B2b ipad brick & mortar vertical


REsales on ARQ Exchange
Expand arqx luxury products

Expand the luxury custom AI designed items ARQx offers into: handbags, clothing, footwear, watches, collectibles, & more.

ARQx physical store: Miami + Dubai
expand arqx global manufacturing
Scale ARqX b2b verticals
The ARQx Team
Iván Sun [Karbon]

Founder CEO, Product
14+ yrs, prod design & creative director, SAAS, Fintech, Web3

Mark Manansala

8+ yrs, full stack, Web3 senior dev. Web apps. DApps, Defi, NFTs

Mas Taluk

Head of Business Dev
7+ years m&a / biz dev in web3, startups, high-end jewelry.

Drasen Ras

Head of Marketing
10+ yrs, marketing, brand, community, creative, & growth.

Marc Delgad

Jewelry Manufacturing
25+ yr jewelry industry vet, supply chain, precious stone & material sourcing.

Ian Friend

Senior Advisor
Ferrum Network

Other ARQx Features

Smart Jewelry

No more 2 hour MetaMask onboarding sessions with grandma. Buy jewelry, load a token, & gift it to your wife, girlfriend, nephew, or father. Let's onboard the masses.

ARQX Exchange resale

You scooped the sold out drop early! But now people are sliding in your DM's trying to OTC that sweet sweet jewelry. Get ready to see what offers await on the open market.

Whitelable & B2B

No, we're not greedy with ARQ's magic... we want to spread it far & wide! ARQ is ready to onboard other biz & physical IRL jewelry stores who want to use our platforms. $$$

AI designed. Human crafted.

From early in 2022, ARQ has been captivated by the innovative prospects of blending artificial intelligence & human creativity - to craft exceptional designs for luxury goods and jewelry. We believe that this technology can unlock new realms of possibility and creativity, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the luxury design world. Our founding team are all creatives who range in backgrounds in film, music production, writing, classic art. This technology excited us, because, like Mjölner, it amplifies our true passion & skills, without diminishing them.

But we also understand the importance of preserving real human touch in the creative process, & it is our mission to create more opportunity for real human artists, not less. We're committed to use AI in our process to create more jobs & opportunities for jewelers, artists, craftspeople, & more.


F's, A's, & even Q's

What if there was a way to preserve the originality of serious designer jewelry, while letting it evolve and integrate with the virtual world around us? This is the bridge we set out to build.

When is $ARqX token launching

The $ARQ token is launching May 7th, 2024 on Uniswap + Pancakeswap, shortly followed by MEXC & Bitmart. But the party is just starting, we will be announcing even more CEX's in the coming weeks.

What Chains is ARQx On?

$ARQX will be simultaneously launched on both Base & Ethereum blockchains. This gives us the cheap fast convenience of Base, with the wide volume accessibility of ETH. Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?

Where can I buy $ARQX?

$ARQ will be available May 7th, 2024 on Uniswap + Pancakeswap. Shortly after CEX listings will start on MEXC & Bitmart, with even more CEX's end of May & June.

Will AI disrupt the Luxury Industry?

Yes. AI will have an effect on every single industry. Consumer products in general, & especially fashion have already started integration. Industries with customization may be influenced the most, as AI democratizes creativity - ending artistic gatekeeping forever.

Don't believe us? Ask Elon Musk what he thinks.

"Turning AI-designed fashion into real clothing would be great"

"Let’s have an AI-designed fashion show irl"

How can I partner or drop ARqX jewelry?

Please reach out! If you're a brand or artist who'd be interested in releasing your own ARQ AI jewelry collection, or even a jeweler who'd be interested in manufacturing ARQx pieces, drop us a line on our contact page.

If you're an individual wanting to start their own jewelry collection or line, you're also in luck! We will be releasing a private store feature summer 2024 to let anyone sell their own jewelry to others via the ARQ Jewelry app.

Where can I download the Jewelry app?

The ARQ Jewelry Design app will be available on iOS & Android May 2024. Just search "ARQ Jewelry Design" & you'll see us :)

How can I Claim My ARQx Token?

$ARQX tokens can be claimed starting May 7th on either the official ARQX Claim portal linked at the top of this page, or via the launchpad claims portal you initially purchased through.

How can I stake my ARQx jewelry?

Launching mid May 2024, we will have our own staking portal + rewarding staking pools with that sweet APY. Also linked officially at the top of this page. Stay tuned on socials for its release.

Where Is ARQx jewelry manufactured?

ARQx jewelry uses decentralized manufacturing to reach customers all over the world! At launch we have 4 main separate nodes: 2 in USA, China, and India. But our goal by 2025 is to have at least 1 node in every continent, so when you order your jewelry - it is being built & sent from as close to home as possible.

Can ARQx ship to my country?

Yes! Our manufacturing nodes in North America & Southeast Asia can reach almost any country FedEX, USPS, UPS, & DHL can reach.