Leon Zero
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Core Pendant

Leon Zero

Take on the fierce and powerful energy of a lion with this stunning cast metal pendant necklace. The lion's intricately detailed mane and regal gaze exude strength and confidence. This piece is perfect for those who seek to embrace their inner bravery and make a statement.

Dimensions: ~22mm Diameter

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The Core Collection

ARQ is revolutionizing the jewelry industry by combining cutting-edge technology with ancient human creativity. With embedded NFC chips and high-tech machine learning design techniques, ARQ’s Core collection transforms jewelry into interactive wearable assets.

While technology has altered every aspect of our culture, for thousands of years, jewelry has remained stagnant - until now. ARQ’s Core collection represents the perfect fusion of ancient human arts and a new digital intelligence.

Instead of buying the same regurgitated styles dictated by large luxury corporations, ARQ is returning the agency of aesthetics and design to the hands of the people. ARQ’s Core collection promises to blow minds and change the jewelry industry forever.

We envision a world where jewelry is not just a decorative item, but a useful tool. In fact, many of the earliest forms of jewelry were also tools that played a critical role in early humans’ survival. ARQ is bringing back that utility, enabling Core collection owners to access exclusive perks, rewards, giveaways, and competitions.

Owning an ARQ Core piece means being whitelisted for truly awesome things, like winning the rights to add your own AI designs to the marketplace, including the genesis of that design. Join ARQ in breaking the mold as we usher in a new era of jewelry that is both uniquely beautiful and functional.

Inspired by, but not exact 1-1s

When translating 2D AI-generated image concepts into 3D physical jewelry, there is always an amount of artistic interpretation needed. The end result, regardless of how skilled the artisans are, is never an exact replica of the original concept. While the AI art concepts are beautiful, they serve more as an inspired guide than a blueprint, especially when creating jewelry on such a small scale. By purchasing any ARQ jewelry, you are acknowledging this.

How we Create

Why just sell to the customer” when the “customer” is actually a creator? At ARQ, we know that our customers are creative, and we're on a mission to empower them. Say goodbye to gatekeepers and hello to the evolved luxury design process creatively rewarding process that puts the power back in your hands. Please note: our products are designed & fabricated on-demand, so shipping times can range from 2-6 weeks depending on model complexity + shipping destination.

  1. Our process starts with a bang: a creative brainstorm with our community, an AI competition winner, or our internal creative team. We're always armed with our sketchbooks and ready to bring your ideas to life through our MidJourney program or from an inspired idea.
  2. From there, we meticulously sketch out designs from multiple perspectives to ensure they're conceptually perfect. Our expert modeling team then reconstructs your vision in 3D jewelry software or sculpts it directly into wax. If a 3D model is needed, we'll print a wax version to bring your design to life.
  3. Once the printed or sculpted wax version is finished, we submerge it into liquid plaster to harden. The plaster mold is then heated until the wax melts and falls out. Finally, we pour molten silver, gold, or other materials into the plaster mold. The cooled mold is broken apart & the metal piece is removed & refined using multiple polishing techniques.
  4. Our manufacturing process takes place in top-notch facilities in Belgium, NYC, and other locations depending on our collaborations with artists. And when it comes to materials, we only use the highest quality grade silver, gold, copper, bronze, and other jewelry-grade materials.
At ARQ, we're all about putting the power back in the hands of creators. Join us on this exciting journey and let's create something beautiful together.

Coming Soon

  • Design Competitions - Pit your creativity against others to have your piece dropped on ARQ.
  • Official Resale Exchange - After initial purchase, community will be able to resell pieces.
  • Smart Jewelry NFC jewelry - Enable your ARQ jewelry to interact with any smartphone.
  • Utility-filled Limited Edition Drops with musicians, artists, & other creative partners.


We ship our products for FREE from Belgium after casting via a combination of UPS & USPS.

We offer free shipping to over 190 countries!
  • Select your country during checkout.
  • Ensure that you provide a detailed shipping address, including your apartment number and any local address intricacies to facilitate smooth delivery.


If there is an issue with your order, we will accept returns after opening a ticket, provided that your return is covered by one of the reasons listed below. Please document the issue as soon as you unbox your item. After 7 days post-arrival, scratches and wear may start to show depending on handling, and we cannot cover these under our return policy for obvious reasons.

Due to our global shipping coverage network, we are unable to cover shipping charges for returns. Customers must pay for returns, except when the wrong item was shipped, or the wrong material was received.

Qualifying Reasons for Returns
  • The jewelry arrived broken. This has not happened yet as our casting process is robust, and each piece is inspected before shipping.
  • The jewelry has significant and marked blemishes.
  • The jewelry is made of the wrong material (e.g., you ordered silver, but received copper).
  • You received the wrong design of the piece.
Non-Qualifying Reasons for Returns
  • The jewelry design isn't what you expected: Our highly skilled artisans and modelers do their best to create pieces that closely match the AI reference images, but exact 1-1 replication is not always possible.
  • The piece isn't as detailed as you imagined: When 3D models and concepts are shrunk down and cast into the size of a pendant or a ring, there is always a loss of definition and detail. The wax and plaster used across the jewelry industry for casting may not always preserve every micron of detail shown in the high definition of 3D or AI renders. After casting, metal always needs to be polished, which can further reduce the definition of super-fine details.
  • The piece isn't shiny in every area: Although we try our best to polish as much of the models as possible post-casting, the interiors and crevices of pieces may maintain a rough metal texture since it is impossible to reach such small or interior spots. But most feel that the variation looks cool!
  • You damaged the piece but still want to return it: Please don't do this :)

Return Address

ARQ, Attn - Ivan S
1225 Ave. Juan Ponce de Leon, PH - 1022
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00907
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