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Turning AI dreams into designer jewelry

What if you could become a world renowned jewelry designer? Now you can. Design with ARQ, order your piece, wear it with pride.

ARQ Jewelry. Luxury has evolved.

From this

AI designs

to this

Fine Jewelry

How it works


AI Generates

ARQ's revolutionary process pairs our in-house jewelry team with AI tools to create new one-of-a-kind breathtaking designs.


Jewelers Design

Once concepts are locked, our team translates the design into production specs, & begins the casting process.


Shipped to You

Pieces are polished, packaged, & shipped directly to your door. Then it's time to show off the next generation of luxury.



Buy AI jewelry Drops, earn $

Genesis give their owners a % of all future sales (of that design). Ex. If you own a Bitcoin Genesis, you make $ on every more affordable Bitcoin Core (standard) piece that is sold.

Buy Genesis Drop

Each new jewelry line will include 5 Genesis. Snag yours to lock in your stake in profit %.

Earn % Every Sale

Every time a standard Core version of the Genesis is sold, you get paid. Every month.

newest Genesis drop
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Thorne 🧬

5% of profit, per sale, for life

/ 5 Remaining
$ 499.00 USD
World first

AI-to-Jewelry Process


AI + artists design

Our unique process combines traditional craftsmanship with creative cutting-edge tech.

Genesis pieces dropped

Genesis pieces allow early adopters to partake in profit sharing & help bring the new jewelry into existence.


Core line begins

Once the Genesis pieces are sold, the new design will transfer into a affordable & scalable Core line.


Casters craft, ARQ ships pieces

Our pieces are created with utmost precision using traditional lost wax casting, before being shipped directly to your door.


AI designed. Human crafted.

From early in 2022, ARQ has been captivated by the innovative prospects of blending artificial intelligence & human creativity - to craft exceptional designs for luxury goods and jewelry. We believe that this technology can unlock new realms of possibility and creativity, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the luxury design world. Our founding team are all creatives who range in backgrounds in film, music production, writing, classic art. This technology excited us, because, like Mjölner, it amplifies our true passion & skills, without diminishing them.

But we also understand the importance of preserving real human touch in the creative process, & it is our mission to create more opportunity for real human artists, not less. We're committed to use AI in our process to create more jobs & opportunities for jewelers, artists, craftspeople, & more.